A quality piece of furniture by the esteemed Waring and Gillow Company.

Gillow’s of Lancaster was founded by Robert Gillow during the 1730’s, who from the beginning produced luxury furniture. In 1932 the firm was registered as Waring and Gillow, and produced furniture for the royal yacht Victoria and Albert and Cunards’s Queen Mary, (1936), Queen Elizabeth (1940).

Furniture was always made to the highest specifications and this piece is no exception.

A 1930s oak coffee table. An original paper label is on the underside of the table for Waring and Gillow. A square top with four stepped shelves at different heights beneath, all with curved edges. Solid oak throughout, making this a very heavy piece of furniture, for its compact size. A quality table, just stripped, waxed and polished so in very good condition.


Height = 58.5 cm (23.0″) Width = 61 cm (24.0″) Depth = 61 cm (24.0″)