A Beswick Wall Pocket designed in 1937 by Mr Owen had a limited production run between 1937 to 1939, making it quite rare. Impressed with shape 498 and very faintly Made in England.  Stamped Beswick Ware, Made in England.

Mr Owen worked for Beswick from 1934 to 1939, as a freelance sculptor, in the evenings from his own studio.

Height 30.5cm, Width 17.7cm, Depth 7.5cm

Beswick Jug/Tankard designed in 1936 by Mr Symcox and produced between 1936 to 1954.  This is a popular item but with a rare pattern.  Impressed shape number 498 and Made in England.

Height 17cm, Diameter 12cm, Width with handle 15.5cm

Mr Symcox worked for Beswick between 1933 and 1942 as a freelance sculptor.
The British Industry Fair of 1934 showcased a 100 new vases and jug, mostly modelled by Mr Symcox. His contribution was essential to the new matt glazes used in the 1930s. His design of these two pieces fully embraced the Art Deco style with a fabulous hand painted stylised cottage, trees and flowers. Painted in a simple palette of shades of green, with a thin outline of blue for the clouds and a gold outline colour way for the cottage and bushes. Simply designed but full of detail even showing the smoke emitted from the chimneys.
No chips or cracks to the two pieces.
From a Beswick pottery collector of forty years.