1960s Hans Hansen Silver Earrings, Denmark 318 designed by Bent Gabrielsen (1928-2014).
A pair of solid silver modernist leaf earrings.
Concave leaf shape with a chamfered edged and clip back fittings.
Hans Hansen (1884-1940) opened a goldsmith shop in Kolding, Denmark early 1900s initially producing flatware. Once is proved successful they began to sell jewellery in the 1930s. The first pieces were designed by Hansen himself but production of jewellery really began in 1932 with a collection designed by Hansen’s son Karl Gustav Hansen (KGH).
After travelling in Europe KGH opened up a workshop with his father in Copenhagen where passers-by could watch KGH and three other craftsmen at work through a large window. KGH had his first larger exhibition of works in Copenhagen in May 1940.
The next month, his father died at only 56 years old. KGH was 25 and he took over the Hans Hansen Silversmithy. This collection was called “Future” and comprised of about 50 pieces, including brooches, rings, clasps, earrings, etc. Other designers such as Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen and Bent Knudsen also worked for Hansen and by the 1980s Allan Scharff was the leading designer.
Bent Gabrielsen qualified as a goldsmith in 1949 after serving his apprenticeship with Ejler Fangel in Copenhagen. He had planned to be a carpenter like his grandfather but apprenticeships were scarce, the only available position was as a goldsmith’s apprentice.
Gabrielsen was among the first group of students at the Goldsmith’s Academy from where he graduated with top grades in 1953. He was immediately hired by the Hans Hansen and worked there until 1969. By the time he left he was responsible for the firm’s entire production. After leaving the Hans Hansen company, Gabrielsen set up his own workshop called “Gabrielsen’s Guldsmedie”. He kept his business small with just his wife and himself as the only employees. A large part of his production was sold in Japan. Bent Gabrielsen won the Lunning Prize in 1964.
As Erik Bohr, Chairman of the Lunning Committee wrote, ” Bent Gabrielsen’s jewelry carries absolute conviction as to its function; his handling of materials is so restrained and well considered that one feels this could hardly be otherwise. His jewellery is simple and clearly constructed, often with links connecting naturally with each other so that the complete piece makes up a beautiful whole. Every single detail of his things is worked out. There are no false effects. He does not take the easy way out.”
In 1992 the firm joined with the Georg Jensen company.
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