John Guida (Italian, 1897-1965) A fashion design of ‘A Lady in a White Fur Coat with Black Trimming’, signed ‘Jo’, mixed media.
Just professionally, sympathetically reframed, with an anti reflective glass, offering up to 70% UV protection.
John Guida (1897-1965), born to an Italian father and an American mother, was an important Italian stylist, designer, and illustrator.
As a child, he moved to Rome where he attended Visconti High School.
In 1914 he participated in the fashion exhibition at the Circolo Degli Artisti together with Sartorio, Grassi, Innocenti, and Angoletta.
John Guida was a regular visitor to the Paris (where he lived for 3years) fashion shows, coming into contact with famous tailors such as Jean Patou, Jeanne Lanvin, Lucien Lelong, Madeleine Vionnet, and Coco Chanel from whom he drew inspiration to find his own personal style, becoming an official dress designer for some of the most well-known Italian tailors such as Coen, Sanet and La Merveilleuse of Turin.
His designs remained characterised by a refined linearity and a constant attention to precious detail. Elongated and slender female figures were often underlined by loose skirts and flowing pants; the sophisticated profiles were highlighted by short or gathered hair, inspired by the typical garçonne model of the time.
He was also active as an illustrator for the women’s magazines ‘La Donna’ and ‘Cose’, and as an advertising designer for the fashion and perfumery sectors.
Internal Ref: PAD0802
Height = 43.5 cm (17.1″)
Width = 35 cm (13.8″)
Depth = 2.4 cm (0.9″)