1950s Haskell trembler brooch.
Gilt metal filigree oak leaves are interspersed with clusters of rhinestone berries and highlighted by three larger stones. The two large stones layered at the top of the brooch are set with a wreath of oak leaves. Pieces were stitched together never glued.
A stunning work of art as a statement brooch.
Signed in an oval plaque ‘Miriam Haskell’.
Miriam Haskell (1899 – 1981) was an American costume jewellery designer. Designing affordable pieces from 1920 through to the 1960s, along with her creative director Frank Hess.
Her pieces attracted the wealthy and famous throughout the world including Princess Margaret and it is said that Joan Crawford owned a set of almost every piece of jewellery Haskell produced. Her earlier pieces were unsigned, the 1940s saw the signature in a horse shoe, with the oval plaque used from the 1950s.
Tremblers are items of jewellery which literary tremble by parts set on metal that vibrate with movement.

Length: 9cm
Width: 6cm
Height: 2.5cm