A cold painted bronze attributed to Franz Bergman, famous for specialising in cold-painted bronzes. Circa 1900.
Cold painted bronzes rely on the standard of painting to dictate the quality of the finished item. Bergman’s manufacturer was one of the leading makers. The technique was popular around the turn of the century and many thousands of little animals, some just a few centimetres in height, where produced in Viennese foundries. So, by no means are all the animal figures from Bergman’s works, but many were and sadly, many are unmarked. Those that are marked carry a capital ‘B’ in a vase-shaped design.
This particular example is very similar to the one in the last picture of six birds that is marked ‘B’, and so a good indication, that this one of four birds, with the birds and branches so similarly executed is also a Bergman piece.
Beneath each bird’s wing marked, ‘Geschutz’ and ‘Depose’, which were used as foundry registration marks, including the Bergman foundry.
Some wear to the paint commensurate with age. The metalwork without damage. Photographed with a light above, enhancing the colour.
Height: 7.5cm
Width: 18.5cm
Depth: 10.5cm
Internal Ref: PAD1278