An Art Deco Lamp by the German company Walther and Sohne.
August Walther & Sohne AG (or Walther & Sohne for short) was established in 1888 by August Walther. Walther & Sohne are best known for their superb range of Art Deco centrepieces, figurines, bowls and vases and lamps.
Here, an opaque glass flame shaped shade, is held aloft in the arms of an Art Deco lady, kneeling on a raised geometric base. The figure opaque glass with no chips or cracks.
Recently rewired with an authentic cord lead. In very good overall condition.
Internal Ref: PAD0457


Height = 48 cm (18.9″)
Width = 9 cm (3.5″)
Depth = 10 cm (3.9″)