A ceramic figure, of a cream glazed nude woman seated on a grey glazed serpentine base, embracing flowers.
Designed by L Rossat for Marcel Guillard and Editions Etling, Paris.
Marcel Guillard (1896-1932) was a French artist, enameller and renowned ceramist. He worked with André Fau, Le Jan, Delabassé, Wuillemier and Giraud-Rivière for the firm Editions Etling, which participated in the Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts in Paris in 1925.
Editions Etling Paris was founded in by 1909 Edmond Laurent Etling. He opened a shop in Paris selling the most exclusive art objects of that time, mainly in bronze, ceramics or glass. Etling represented world famous artisans like Chiparus, A. Godard, Colinet, Sevin, Delabassé, Gazan, Georges Béal, Guiraud-Rivière and Marcel Guillard. Through which Etling was too play a significant role in the style, which later became known as art deco.
Marcel Guillard atelier was well known for it’s outstanding glass and ceramics, and many of the above named artisans used his knowledge and workplace to produce their objects . The atelier-mark of Guillard was put on the objects and the Etling mark (“Editions Etling Paris” framed in a triangle shape) as well and the artists signature.
Paris was at the heart of the modern art during the period between the First and Second World war. The Etling stopped production during the Second World War because Etling, was deported and died in a German concentration camp. This contributed to the demise of the art deco period, which found it’s ending at the American “World’s Fair” in New York (1940).
This piece in very good condition with no damage.
Height = 20 cm (7.9″)
Width = 18 cm (7.1″)
Depth = 11 cm (4.3″)