A pair of very good quality Art Deco bookcases in solid walnut, labelled, ‘Minty, the library specialists of Oxford.’
One bookcase with six shelves of differing heights, each with twin glazed doors. One section lockable.
The other bookcase with five shelves, each with twin glazed doors and another section with a pull down door, to reveal a desk area, with pigeon holes and a central cupboard. This section lockable.
All locks in working order and operated by the same key. These bookcases are in sections and simply slot onto each other.
All our furniture is professionally polished and restored where necessary.
Bookcases measurements.
Height: 198cm
Width: 89cm
Depth: 24cm
Bottom section depth: 29cm
Bottom shelf height: 36cm
Bureau bookcase shelf heights from top: each 23.5cm, the bottom shelf: 36cm
Bookcase shelf heights from top: 26.5cm, 28.5cm, 23.5cm, 23.5cm, 36cm.
Internal Ref: PAD0871


Height = 198 cm (78.0″)
Width = 89 cm (35.0″)
Depth = 24 cm (9.4″)