A ‘New Cromwell oak’ dining suite designed by E Gomme based in High Wycombe, each chair stamped with the registered number 778034. Comprising a drawer-leaf dining table, 2 dining chairs & 2 carvers, each with an arched authentic looking leather covered padded back and bowed seat, on solid supports. The clever construction allows seating for four, with plenty of leg room between each of the table supports.
Established in 1898, Ebenezer Gomme and Jim Pierce began making handmade chairs. By 1903, machine tools were being introduced and when the Leigh Street factory was built in 1909, the company was at the cutting- edge of the furniture trade in High Wycombe. By 1922, the company had grown employing 300 people.
During the 1920/30s, Gomme was the first to introduce the concept of dining room suites, where tables and chairs were designed and made as a set!
This set has just been professionally waxed and polished and just reupholstered in an authentic looking soft brown leather.
Height: 71.5cm
Diameter: 91cm
Depth when closed: 51cm
Each Carver.
Height: 79cm
Width: 48.8cm
Depth: 54cm
Height of seat: 47cm
Each Chair.
Height: 74cm
Width: 44.8cm
Depth: 51cm
Height of seat: 47cm
Internal Ref: PAD1152