French Art Deco opalescent ‘chrysanthemum’ pattern, glass bowl by Andre Hunebelle (1896-1985)
The ‘crysanthemum’ bowl featured in the Hunebelle catalogue, and this example simply marked ‘MADE IN FRANCE’.
Initially Andre studied mathematics before he became a decorator, designer, and then a master glass maker in the mid-1920s. His work is known for its clean lines, which are elegant and singularly strong. He exhibited his own glass in a luxurious store in Champs Èlysées, Paris until 1938.
Etienne Franckhauser, made Andre’s moulds and those for Lalique and Sabino, which was fabricated by the crystal factory in Choisy-le-Roi, France.
Hunebelle pieces are marked in several ways. The most common is A.HUNEBELLE-FRANCE in molded capitals either within the glass design or on the base. Other pieces are marked simply A.HUNEBELLE. There was also a paper label with A and H superimposed in a stylized manner. Since paper labels are frequently lost, many pieces may appear completely unmarked.
Although, his work is similar to Lalique glass ( he was a friend of Laliques son). His love of mathematics and the fashion for the clean lines of Art Deco, are seen in his designs, which are often very stylised or abstract and frequently shows contrasting planes of glossy and frosted glass.
He also patented techniques for producing exact mouldings of items.
Later, after a time as a publisher of a newspaper during World War II he went on to become a successful film maker.
Internal Ref: PAD1235